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Here are some examples of other organizations that use the term "entrepreneur" as the dominant portion of there name.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards - Awards recognize those outstanding undergraduate student entrepreneurs

MSN Entrepreneur Group - is a community of independent business persons... those that have owned their own companies, those that currently own a company, and those who wish to establish one.

The Disabled Entrepreneur - Get the latest news, tips, and resources for disabled entrepreneurs!
Female Entrepreneur Magazine - our mission is to consistently publish information which will assist female entrepreneurs in growing their businesses; while providing the avenue for writers and advertisers to reach these individuals.
The American Entrepreneur - The American Entrepreneur ("The AE") is a two-hour radio show which airs weekly on WPTT, 1360 AM on the dial. Or logon at to hear the show live on the internet.
Northeast Entrepreneur Fund Inc. - a private nonprofit organization. We help people develop their ideas for starting or expanding small businesses in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.
The Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business Information - compiled by the staff of Business Reference Services. Science, Technology, and Business Division. Library of Congress, Washington 1996, was developed under the aegis of the Library of Congress
American Entrepreneur Foundation - leading the entrepreneurial revolution throughout the country because we are the most exciting catalyst to enter the free market since the patent. - a resource for entrepreneurs (Has info and thoughts on the free use of the word entrepreneur. - review the best small business and investing books.
Entrepreneur Expo - An exciting day of learning and networking for budding entrepreneurs and those who want their small business to grow. Seminars and exhibits on hot new trends and must-know secrets.
Entrepreneur's Partner (has a registered trademark) a team of highly effective, world-class business professionals able to offer their experience and expertise to assist you in your everyday business adventures. - helped numerous business startups grow to national prominence - connects entrepreneurs around the world by means of a simple, easy to use online database

The Young Entrepreneurs' Organization is a volunteer group of business professionals, all of whom are under 40 years of age and are the owners, founders, co-founders, or controlling shareholders of a company with annual sales of (US) $1 Million or more.

Entrepreneur's Place™ is a one-of-a-kind community designed to be "the" business resource on the World Wide Web.
EntrepreneurU - was founded to teach practical methods of entrepreneurship to youth and adults of all ages.
The International Entrepreneur Network offer global opportunities and representations to companies around the world
The Regional Entrepreneur Network, REN, is an open and accessible resource for entrepreneurs to be connected to the community. This is one avenue to finding all the tools you need from idea through the funding stage.
Independent Entrepreneur works with business owners who are concerned with continued growth in all facets of their business and life.
The Entrepreneur Network - Our purpose is to provide information, contacts and counsel to inventors and entrepreneurs (pre-startup through early stage). Our bias is toward grass-root, "Just do it!" strategies.
The SBA•Cisco Systems•San Jose Entrepreneur Center - is made possible by a unique partnership between the U.S. Small Business Administration, Cisco Systems, the City of San Jose, and a number of national corporations and non-profit organizations.
Entrepreneur physician Marketing, Management, Operations and Finance - these areas of your medical practice can be very frustrating but are crucial to a successful business venture.
Entrepreneur America - Rob Ryan, the founding CEO of Ascend Communications, and his wife Terry formed Entrepreneur America in 1995, to provide start-ups and established businesses with mentoring services that improve growth, profitability, and/or market position. Typically we work with high technology startups whose proprietary technology provides a significant barrier to competition. We also work with later stage companies and have made significant contributions to their strategic positioning and growth.
The Young Entrepreneurs' Organization - is a volunteer group of business professionals, all of whom are under 40 years of age and are the owners, founders, co-founders, or controlling shareholders of a company with annual sales of (US) $1 Million or more. - has established and maintains a unique position among member-based communities online as being the most comprehensive source for Young Entrepreneurs and growing businesses.
Triangle - NC Entrepreneurial and business news
Zen - dedicated to individuals with a strong interest in Buddhism Mysticism Business as a Spiritual Path
Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN).- a national network of Cornell alumni through the combination of regional networking events and virtual networking on the CEN
Atlanta Entrepreneur - is a comprehensive business resource including local weather,marketing & business news, search engines, message boards & other utilities ...
Philadelphia Entrepreneur - is a comprehensive business resource including local weather, marketing & business news, search engines, message boards & other ...
Description: A comprehensive business resource including local weather, business news, search engines,
The National Foundation For Teaching Entrepreneurship - mission is to teach entrepreneurship to low-income young people, ages 11 through 18, so they can become economically productive members of society by improving their academic, business, technology and life skills.
Kauffman Entrepreneur Internship Program - hrough the Kauffman Entrepreneur Internship Program college students receive real world entrepreneurship experience today to prepare for tomorrow.
EntreWorld is designed to increase your productivity by getting you essential information as quickly and easily as possible.
The Entrepreneur's Exchange is a non-profit organization located in Annapolis, Maryland designed to provide encouragement, support, education, information exchange and marketing exposure to small business owners or individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit.
QUT Entrepreneur aims to create an entrepreneurial culture by providing a framework for like-minded entrepreneurs to meet, discuss new ideas and to find out the latest news in the entrepreneurial world.
Northeast Entrepreneur Fund is a private nonprofit organization. We help people develop their ideas for starting or expanding small businesses in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.
Boston Entrepreneurs' Network provides the New England Inventive and Entrepreneurial Community with the information necessary to transform an abstract idea from concept into a product or service.
American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth is dedicated to uniting innovative, emerging growth businesses across industry lines to promote positive national government action that benefits the investment and entrepreneurial communities and stimulates economic growth.
Home Entrepreneur .com.- provide you with the tools and information you need to start a home based business - Tim will tell you about how he has enjoyed his life as an entrepreneur and how you can also.
Solo Entrepreneur - serving other Solo Entrepreneurs who are creating new ways of working together in the 21st century.
The Entrepreneur Association - is the largest student organization at The Anderson School of Management at UCLA.
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education. CELCEE - is the Entrepreneurship Education adjunct of the federal Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) system. CELCEE is a non-profit organization that is funded entirely by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. CELCEE was created in January 1996 as a joint project of the University of California, Los Angeles and the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Savvy Entrepreneur - is to pass on the essential knowledge, strategies, services and tools, cultivated over 10+ years of experience, that I personally harness (along with many others) to successfully balance the dynamic demands of a home-based business, within the framework of personal and family life. where Great business opportunities are promoted. Franchises, Network Marketing and all other business opportunities can promote their site free
Planet Entrepreneur - The site for young entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur's Toolbox - provides essential information related to just what you need to expand your company.
Entrepreneur kids realize, and believe that our children are the future. We believe it is our responsibility to teach them well and let them lead the way. Our purpose is to make a difference in young peoples lives, and to help them develop a sense of purpose.
The Entrepreneur Game™ is a unique concept that combines entrepreneurial education, business networking and network marketing to create a powerful system for advancing yourself personally and professionally.
Entrepreneur Games - creating board games that can provide unlimited advertising for your business.
Nurse Entrepreneur - provide free advertising and support to Nurse-Owned Businesses throughout the United States and beyond through directory registration and placement in our directories.
Military Entrepreneur - is a membership website devoted to helping military and other people around the world develop their awareness and potential as online entrepreneurs.
Northwest Entrepreneur Network - helps entrepreneurs make the connections and access the resources they need to succeed. Focused on helping entrepreneurs build their business network
College Entrepreneur - Cultivating a culture and society of entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur-Web - A Great Communications Service for Entrepreneurs
Rensselaer Entrepreneur Network - The purpose of this volunteer organization is to facilitate communications between RPI alumni interested in entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur Online, the Resource Centre for Internet Entrepreneurs.
The Entrepreneur's Mind - The EM is a Web resource that presents an array of real-life stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts on the many different facets of entrepreneurship and emerging business.
Entrepreneur Strategies utilizes the best of the principles of masterminding and brainstorming.
The Entrepreneur's Help Page - from, offers sound advice for those looking to start up a new business.
Worldwide Entrepreneur World - Serving Entrepreneurs Across The Globe since 1993
Successful Entrepreneur Inc. - is a team of experienced business consultants and entrepreneurs who are committed to helping serious entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. We have coached hundreds of committed clients toward business success -- from the smallest startups to the biggest corporations, including AT&T, Bank of New Zealand, Citicorp, Texaco, and Weyerhaeuser. We have also built and sold our own multi-million dollar businesses. We intimately understand the challenges of building a business from the ground up.
Northwest Entrepreneur Network - helps entrepreneurs make the connections and access the resources they need to succeed.
The Entrepreneur Zone - is comprised of a group of business administrators, programmers, artists, and of course ... fellow entrepreneurs! Our combined business knowledge and expertise have allowed us all to succeed in today's marketplace.
The International Entrepreneur Association - Business Resource Center
Baltimore Maryland Entrepreneur - is a comprehensive business resource including local weather,marketing & business news, search engines, message boards & other ... -
Entrepreneur's Partner - EP offers entrepreneurs in start-up, small, and mid-size organizations ready access to the resources, expertise, and experience currently available only to Chief Executive Officers of large public companies.
Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest - formed in 2000 to encourage and educate entrepreneurs on the creation, start up, and early growth stages of high-growth technology-based businesses within the state of Michigan.
Authentic Entrepreneur - committed to helping you learn to use Universal Laws to take control of your life.
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the climate for emerging, growth-oriented companies across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  -
BizJournals - Entrepreneur
Women Entrepreneur Network (WEN) - was established by Virtuous Enterprises, Inc. to help current and future women business owners meet their unique business needs through partnering, networking, and training and development.
TheNewEntrepreneurs - designed to assist network marketing entrepreneurs in the most challenging part of building your organization: namely, addressing the questions and concerns of those whom you are approaching about our industry.
Student Entrepreneur Center - Top sites for ENTREPRENEURS - is published by the Kansas City Small Business Monthly, a business magazine serving the needs and interests of small business owners in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The magazine provides feature profiles of successful entrepreneurs and straightforward editorial on innovative business strategies and techniques for running a successful business.

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