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The Sacramento Union - March 30, 2004
What’s In a Name? Sacramento Entrepreneur Battles Over Use of ‘Entrepreneur’

Forbes - March 20, 2002
Tongue Tied - Somebody claims to own the trademark to "entrepreneur." What's next, copyrighting the alphabet? Patenting sex?

MHEA Files Amicus Curiae Brief - about the brief MHEA filed

Why Take a Stand? -Commentary about "MHEA Files Amicus Curiae Brief"
What's In A Name? Apparently $669,656, Says California Court
Petition For Cancellation of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.'s wordmark "entrepreneur" as a trademark

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 8/20/03
'Entrepreneur' a trademarked word, court rules -

Women's Business Center 7-14-2003
"Entrepreneur Magazine" stakes out trademark turf - Can the publisher of Entrepreneur Magazine stop other businesses from using the word "entrepreneur?"

Profit Magizine June-2003
Dangerous names - A California court case shows the most ordinary moniker could place you in trademark trouble

Carnegie Mellon University's The Tartan - September 24, 2001
Business Assault on speech - University research outfit becomes latest target in
Entrepreneur Magazine's four-year trademark attack


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