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 Legal Documents

EMI's attack on (cease and desist letter form EMI pdf format)

EMI's attack on Entrepreneur clothing (cease and desist from EMI pdf format)

KURT M. MARKVA files for Cancellation of EMI's "Entrepreneur" mark for Internet use -

PTO's documents to cancel EMI's internet mark

PTO's documents to cancel EMI's publication mark

Full Petition with all exhibits, 410 pages PDF format (large file 12 megs)
Just Petition without exhibits, 11 pages PDF format (small file)
or on TTAB site, full petition with exhibits:

EMI file for opposition to "VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEUR" trademark -PDF file
or on TTAB site:

EMI vs. Scott Smith (EntrepreneurPR)

9th circuit's Appeal ruling (PDF format)

Second Oral Arguments (Audio file, must have Windows Media Player)

Second Appeal Opening Brief (PDF format) by Smith

Second Appeal Reply Brief (PDF format) by EMI

Second Appeal Reply Brief (PDF format) by Smith

MHEA - Amicus Curiae Brief (PDF format) -Minnesota Homebased Entrepreneurs Association filed for Second Appeal.
also see articles -Why Take a Stand? and About MHEA's Brief.

Trial Ruling (PDF format) June 24 2003 United States District Court - which took place after the Appeal of the summary judgement.

First Appeals Ruling (PDF format) February 11, 2002 by United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Overturning most of Judge Cooper's first ruling of summary judgement.

Summary Judgment (PDF format) June 2000

Amicus Curiae Brief (PDF format) from California Small Business Association and California Small Business Roundtable in support of Scott Smith during the first appeal.

Complaint filed by EMI against Female Entrepreneur Magazine-PDF file

Copy of cease & desist letter from EMI to Carnegie Mellon University


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