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Entrepreneur Networks 

EMI is attempting to trademark the phrase "Entrepreneur Network" even though there is currently wide spread use of the phrase.

Their registration for "Entrepreneur Network" is for all TV, Radio and Internet
Click here to see registration

Can you imagine if college entrepreneur programs were not allowed to have and promote "Entrepreneur Networks"

Can you imagine if community organizations trying to develop jobs in their area by promoting entrepreneurship were not allowed to use the word "entrepreneur" or start an Entrepreneur Network.


Here are a few of the "Entrepreneur Networks" that may be shut down by EMI

Northwest Entrepreneur Network - helps entrepreneurs make the connections and access the resources they need to succeed.

Nurse Entrepreneur Network - our focus will be to provide business solutions to nurse entrepreneurs so they succeed and prosper.

CJO Entrepreneur Network - a place where Christian entrepreneurs can find ever-increasing resources for their ventures and funding needs.

Piedmont Entrepreneurs Network - promotes the formation and success of entrepreneurial growth companies in the Piedmont Triad by providing access to resource networks, talented people, capital, and university research technology.

The Entrepreneur Network - Our purpose is to provide information, contacts and counsel to inventors and entrepreneurs

Rensselaer Entrepreneur Network - The purpose of this volunteer organization is to facilitate communications between RPI alumni interested in entrepreneurship.

Cornell Entrepreneur Network - exclusive to Cornell alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Young Entrepreneur Network - the Young Entrepreneur Network exposes youths directly to the business world - its excitement, sweat and urgencies.

Regional Entrepreneur Network - is an open and accessible resource for entrepreneurs to be connected to the community. This is one avenue to finding all the tools you need from idea through the funding stage.

Social Entrepreneurs Network - is a mutual learning and support network for people who are thinking and acting entrepreneurially in strengthening communities and creating wealth for all, especially those who are disadvantaged.

Home Entrepreneur Network - is a group of women who strive to have fun while building a business.

Jewish Entrepreneurs Network - is an organization of young Jewish entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are striving to enhance and develop business skills, facilitate growth in their endeavors, share ideas, solve problems, and meet other like-minded professionals in an exclusively Jewish environment.

The International Entrepreneur Network and INTENET - will open the floodgates of opportunity for all sizes of businesses in the U.S. and around the world.

The Technology Entrepreneur's Network - The TBL Napkin provides Founders, CEOs and Investors of internet and software technology companies based in Alberta a much needed forum to network, discuss ideas, build business relationships, and even demo your next killer app.

ONYX WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR'S NETWORK - shows how African-American women are playing to win and the ways in which the "rules of the game" are utilized to successfully compete.

The Entrepreneur Network - is a network created for entrepreneurs who need assistance, looking for simple solutions, and concise information about how to start a company, how to grow a company, and other information related to entrepreneurship.

Kennesaw State University Entrepreneur Network - is to stimulate entrepreneuership among KSU students and the local community. Activities include networking; workshops; peer discussion and consulting for new business startups, self employed individuals, consultants, and existing businesses; speakers; business plan competitions; development of the KSU Entrepreneur Network Business Directory; invitations to special events such as the SBDC Investor Forum and Business Support Group.

Engineering Entrepreneur's Network -


Silicon Valley Japanese Entrepreneur Network -

Pharos Entrepreneurs' Network

Entrepreneur's Network- is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to list their needs for resources and people, or to find opportunities in other entrepreneurial ventures.

Home Entrepreneur Network -


Marquette and MMAC Creating Entrepreneur Network

Latino entrepreneur network is starting to click

Marquette and MMAC creating entrepreneur network

Entrepreneur network a gathering of great, helpful minds

The Owen Graduate School of Management of Vanderbilt University to Build an entrepreneur network Launches Entrepreneur Network -


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